Creating a New Stage of Mind for Every Home

Love is in the Details

There is much more than tables and chairs that goes into staging a home. Details are where you inspire, create energy, and ignite your viewers interest. We live for the details!

Luxury Interiors

We love an empty room the way an artist loves a blank canvas! Oh the possibilities!

100% Hands-Free Staging

White glove service from beginning to end makes Stage of Mind the premier residential real estate staging provider in Los Angeles. From our designers to our drivers to our dedicated crews that place, pack, and remove each piece according to plan, every member of your staging team is a full-time employee of Stage of Mind. We take pride in offering outstanding customer service at every interaction.

In-House Inventory On Demand

Stage of Mind owns an extensive inventory of furnishings and decorations to fit any style of home. Every piece we place in every home is selected from our own stock, which we add to on a continual basis. This allows us to provide our clients full control, added convenience, and reduced costs.

Exclusive Home Sales Services

Our designers work exclusively with residential real estate clients in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our services, our suggestions, and our collections are dedicated to decoration that enhances sales speed and price no matter what the market is doing. We offer decorative insights with a clear purpose, and our focus ensures we excel.

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