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Who We Are

Liana Ayranian

Liana Ayranian

Creative Director
Lead designer

Originally from lush Pasadena, Liana grew a deep appreciation for the incredible character homes lining the streets of her neighborhood since her childhood.

Her background in design ranges from home staging, interior design, and television production. Whether the target is modern, traditional, contemporary, or an eclectic mix, she’ll find the soul of your home and bring it to life. Her love for Homes, Design and Art is evident in each and every interior she has staged throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

A knack for color theory and a love for furniture are evident throughout every project Liana leads. You’ll find her sweet spot in the world of character homes, even the most troublesome floor plan is a welcomed puzzle to be solved for a show stopping, camera ready interior. 

Stage of Mind was born when Liana took on the task of selling her private home in Bungalow Heaven years ago, and unknowingly staging it herself too! Every agent who walked through her home had to know, “who staged this house?”.

And the rest, is history.

Her love of all styles, from modern and antiques to contemporary and traditional, paints a delicate balance between old world charm and new world living.

Keeping consideration of the home, its buyers, and occupants is of the utmost importance to Liana. She has made a famously positive reputation in the community as being a “house whisperer”, wielding a skillset that brings each and every home she touches to life.

Raffi Ayranian

Raffi Ayranian


Raffi launched Stage of Mind with his partner Liana Ayranian and became quickly know as the problem solver. 

His role as the lead support for both the SOM team, Vendors and Clients is imperative in maintaining our exceptional care for our customers.

Patty Golin

Patty Golin


Patty Golin came into the Stage of Mind family 7 years ago. Originally from Texas, Patty moved to Los Angeles for college and never looked back.

After working in various industries throughout Hollywood, including real estate, entertainment, fashion, event planning and music, she honed her creative skills into a career of staging homes. 

With a keen eye for optimizing space and value, she knows how to bring out the best in every home she stages. To date, she has staged hundreds of homes and has a loyal following of realtors, builders and artists.

She is able to work with every budget, cater to each clients needs, and treats each project as if was her own home.

about us

What We Do

With a passion for creating captivating spaces and a keen eye for design, the SOM professionals are dedicated to transforming houses into extraordinary homes that ignite buyers’ imaginations. We’ll bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project, ensuring each property is showcased in its best light.

Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate agent, or investor, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression. By incorporating strategic furniture placement, stylish decor, and thoughtful accents, we strive to enhance every room’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

At Stage of Mind, we believe that staging is more than just arranging furniture—it’s an art form that elevates the selling potential of your property. Trust us to craft a stage that reflects your vision and captivates potential buyers, setting the stage for a successful sale.

Why Choose Us
About Stage Of Mind

Why Choose us?

Exclusive Home Sales Services

Our designers work exclusively with residential real estate clients in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our services, our suggestions, and our collections are dedicated to decoration that enhances sales speed and price no matter what the market is doing. We offer decorative insights with a clear purpose, and our focus ensures we excel.

In-house Inventory on Demand

Stage of Mind owns an extensive inventory of furnishings and decorations to fit any style of home. Every piece we place in every home is selected from our own stock, which we add to on a continual basis. This allows us to provide our clients full control, added convenience, and reduced costs.

100% Hands-Free Staging

White glove service from beginning to end makes Stage of Mind the premier residential real estate staging provider in Los Angeles. From our designers to our drivers to our dedicated crews that place, pack, and remove each piece according to plan, every member of your staging team is a full-time employee of Stage of Mind. We take pride in offering outstanding customer service at every interaction.

Range of Options

We stage to appeal to the specific buyers of specific homes. That is what sets us apart from the rest.

Working Style

A modern home will draw buyers of its liking, so we decorate with clean lines, bright, crisp colors and retro fittings.

Fair Pricing

We are there to make your buyers fall in love, head over heels, checkbook in hand, excited about your listing!