Instant Home

Do you want Interior Design help for living, not selling? In our Instant Home Package, you can have a fully furnished space styled by our Lead Designer and installed by our professional crew with little to no effort from you! We do it all! From the planning, to the shopping, right down to making your bed! You can have a beautiful home, instantly!


Using a home’s existing decor, our designers will rearrange, retouch, and at times selectively remove furnishings and accents to achieve the best possible iteration. Art and other accessories from our own collection will be used to further enhance each home’s look while allowing the current owner to remain comfortable and undisturbed during the sales process.

Full Staging

Let each home’s heart shine with complete furnishing and decoration. Inviting, comfortable, clean, and luxurious, every room, entryway, hallway, and outdoor living space will be adorned with an eye towards practicality and architecture-appropriate aesthetics. Let your buyers envision what their lives can look like in the perfect property.